Songs of The Week #9

The Doors  - Queen of the Highway the smooth as Jazz Version, I love this!, came across it on Tumblr about a month ago and I'm glad I did, since then I've just been playing it everywhere I go, Downloaded it onto my ipod, put it on a new mix cd I made for work, never get tired of it. It comes from the Morrison Hotel 40th Anniversary edition. I have the original version but I'm tempted to go out and buy this new one. I made this slide show video for youtube because I thought the only one on there wouldn't let me embed it but it turns out that youtube just changed their settings and I just couldn't find the embed button. pretty ridiculous of me haha
Hope you enjoy it as much I do! 

And Heatmiser I've been Listening to a lot of them lately. Elliott Smith joined this group before heading out as a solo artist.  I'm a real mega huge gigantic fan of Elliott Smith so he makes me enjoy the head banging rock songs featured on heatmisers first two albums. Their last Album was their most successful, Mic City Sons (1996) which  is much lighter, quite different to their earlier music. This song "Antonio Carlos Jobim" (named after the Brazilian Bossa Nova musician) is my favourite song featured on Cop and Speeder released in 1994. Elliott and Neil Gust made some awesome music! Smith left the group because he wasn't comfortable being in a loud rock band.  


moviesandsongs365 said...

Thanks for sharing, I like that quiet version of the Doors song, not sure I understand the lyrics, though ( :
If you enjoy Jim Morrison's voice, you should try one of my favourite songs: Gin Soaked Boy. A very underrated band !

Zoë Walker said...

Hey, good song, listened to some of their others while I was there, thanks for the recommendation again :D
I think queen of the highway is about Jim's and Pam's relationship? he was a monster in leather, she was a princess, now they are wedded bla bla bla?. I'm not very good on lyrics but that's what i think I put a photo of the two at the end of the slide show